Welcome to the Marshall County
Probate office

The Probate Judge, in Marshall County, is a county wide elected represenative of the people; responsible for the administration of the Probate Court, the Licensing Office, and the Public Records Office.

The Judge of Probate deals with a number of important life issues and touches persons residing in Marshall County from "Cradle to Grave". We serve all residents of Marshall County.

"The Probate Court is the Court of the People"

The Judge of Probate is also the Chief Elections Official of the county, and serves along with the Sheriff and the Circuit Clerk as the official Appointing and Canvassing Board for all County, State, and Federal Elections, held in Marshall County.

Probate Judge: Andrea Lecroy
425 Gunter Avenue Suite 110
Guntersville, AL



The Guntersville Tag Office is located on the first floor of the Guntersville Courthouse, behind the elevators. Office hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm - Mon. - Fri. Closed on State Holidays. Services include New Automobile Tag, Automobile Tag Renewal,New Boat Tag, Boat Tag Renewal, Title work, and Drivers License Renewal

Contact Information:

Guntersville Tag Office
424 Blount Ave.
Guntersville, AL




Effective September 1, 2023, the process for becoming a Notary Public changes, pursuant to Alabama Act 2023-548. Under the new law persons wishing to become a notary public are required to file an application with the county probate court with a $10.00 filing fee. Applications will be verified by the court clerks. Following verification, the probate judge will then send the applicant a letter rejecting the application or will send a letter of appointment approving the application. Within 40 days of the date of the letter of appointment the applicant must obtain a notary bond in the amount of $50,000 and must also complete an online training program. The bond and the certificate of training must be recorded in the probate office with a $59.00 filing fee. Once the bond and certificate are recorded a notary commission will be issued.

Alabama Act 2023-548
Marshall County Notary Application 2023
FAQ - Notary 9-1-23
Notary Public Training